Is The #AsburyRevival A Real Move of God?

Is The #AsburyRevival A Real Move of God?

By Dr. Ben Lim


“But if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!” So they took his advice.” (Acts 5:39)

My thoughts, opinions, and commentaries about this do not matter. For God is the main and ultimate judge and He tends to have a way of blessing, moving upon, and promoting the nobodies tucked away from the popular cities and circles of the world.

I do believe however that my thoughts will hold some weight and value to some of you, especially in the so-called “revival and charismatic stream,” therefore I am sharing my heart felt thoughts with you after pondering over this for a number of days, probably since the inception of this extended revival at the #AsburyUniversity.


Isn’t this what we’ve been praying for? Haven’t we been praying for a move of God’s Presence and power amongst the young people? Especially amongst the college and university campuses of the United States?

Sure they may have not all the elements of a full blown Acts type of revival, but there are some genuine signs of a pure move of God and that God is surely behind this!


Is this a revival? Well as of now, it may be more of an awakening, renewal, or a refreshing. These are more terms and definitions that have been classified by Pentecostal Charismatics throughout the years.

Because the definition of “revival” is that something that was once dead is now revived or is now alive!

If those attending are more predominately believers that were born in the church, were lukewarm Christians, etc then it is probably more proper to call this an awakening or a renewal.

Either way, the tangible and awesome Presence of God is absolutely present! And the evidence of that is that hundreds and thousands of young people are being touched and awakened by God!


The extension of these divine Holy Ghost meetings for unending hours and now days, entering into its second week, has caused the cancellation of normal and regular school activities on the campus.

This is a holy disruption of the usual and thank God that the Asbury university dean and the staff recognize the sovereignty of this and are making room for God to have His unconventional way!

Repentance from sins and a sense of God’s conviction from the simple Gospel is taking place all throughout these meetings…


From what I see, the next steps for the #AsburyRevival to go to the next level and for it to become a genuine revival, is for the realm of supernatural power and a dimension of miracles and the extraordinary to break out!

I also see that this awakening will eventually spill over onto the streets or the urban areas, outside of the four walls and the campus, to genuinely touch and save the unborn unbelievers… those that are not of the Christian faith or religion.

More and more souls will be saved and the Gospel will be preached bringing massive counts of salvations! Eventually pressing an emphasis for missions and world wide evangelization according to Matthew 28.

I’m also sure that as the numbers of attendees grow and those from out of state and even other countries become to drive and fly in to attend, they may need to move to a larger auditorium type of building to host this move of God.

We have seen this transition happen from the Bonnie Brae House, eventually moving to the horse barn on the Azusa Street in Los Angeles.

I do see that these things will eventually bubble up and overflow into the next phase and progression of this revival for I do believe that this is the heart of God!


“But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel.” (Acts 2:16)

The last thing that I ever want to be interested in or even openly endorse is something that is just shear youthful excitement, hype, and emotionalism, and excitement.

But most of these young people involved have probably never experienced a genuine corporate revival or a move of God! So this is that to them!

We must stop trying to be experts and downplay what the Lord is doing. Who made you an expert? When was the last time you were involved in an extended revival or move of God, cancelling your schedules and disrupting your common day norms?

Most believers or “ministers” are more so “jealous or envious” that this is happening with the nameless and faceless or even that this is happening amongst a majority of “Evangelical group of white Caucasian youth,” than it is with them and their “revival group, network, denomination, or culture, or people.”

A true revival will absolutely have a diversity of races and ethnes, according to Acts 2 and as we see according to the historical Pentecostal revival of Azusa Street.

But don’t we know that all revivals and moves of God are different? There are no two revivals that will look and feel exactly the same.

Who cares about where it happens or who God chooses to use? As long as it happens!

And let us pray that it happens to us, in us, and through us in Jesus’ name!


We must be students of revival rather than skeptics.

Can’t we just celebrate what God is doing instead of being another religious cynic?

I am very encouraged that this phenomena has gone so viral so quickly across all social media, reaching many nations and various high level leaders across the Body of Christ.

This has also caught the attention of local news media channels.

This of course does come with some concerns as we know that a virology of something on social media does not authenticate that something is a true move and, or a demonstration of God’s glory.

But let the young people enjoy the Lord and may the world be provoked to jealousy!


Why did God choose the #AsburyUniversity to host this revival?

Was it because they have historically been an epicenter of revival and awakening amongst the college campuses in the past?

Was it because there was such a measure of reckless abandonment in worship and adoration that the Lord is so lavishly pouring Himself out?

Or is it because there truly was a group of nameless, faceless people who were willing to stretch and take the radical steps of faith to be led by the Holy Spirit in a larger corporate way and setting?

Is this by the sovereign hand and election of God or is this because there was a certain group of people who were aligned to the right Kairos time and place?

I do believe that this historical university having the all of resources that it has, is helping to properly facilitate this move of God as an already well-prepared “wineskin” to hold the outpouring of this “new wine!”


“In order somehow to make my fellow Jews jealous, and thus save some of them.” (Romans 11:14)

This should provoke all of us to a holy and godly jealousy for the more of God!

I pray that every single one of us will be cut and convicted in our hearers for the more of God!

As well, I pray that every single one of us will catch the spirit of faith and opportunity that the Lord can also do something very similar with you, your church, your group, and within your region!

Because of course, if God can use them, then why not you?

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