How Do I Know I’m In a New Season

How Do I Know I’m In a New Season

1. Doors are suddenly closed and, or new doors of opportunity are opened!

2. I have a holy discontentment, dissatisfaction, and frustration of the things I have and am currently doing in my life. Everything is good but it can for sure be greater and better!

3. The Lord leads me to a time of fasting and consecration, to separate myself from others and from the mundane to pray and be alone with God. This doesn’t mean I am in sin or disobedience. It just means He’s calling me away to in intimacy with Himself for a fresh infilling.

4. I will have trouble or difficulty sleeping… the Bible says, “In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.” (Ps. 127:2)

A lack or a difficulty of sleep is a sign that the Lord is wanting me to seek Him in the night hour and pray and intercede.

5. People suddenly begin to leave and transition out of my life, business, or ministry or I meet new divine appointments and partnerships and new people come into my life!

People are always a divine sign or marker for a season. Your circles determine your cycles.

6. Your money is LOW and, or there is an overflow surplus of finances!

God is always trying to get our attention with our seed and our supply! If your river taps dry or is not flowing properly, then it may be because God wants to open up a new well or stream of resource for you!

7. There’ll be a heightened awareness of the supernatural concerning dreams, visions, and encounters.

Or there will be a lack of the Rhema Word of God. If you are feeling confused, depressed, or lost because of a lack of God’s voice & Presence, then it may be because His cloud of glory has MOVED ON and you now need to CATCH UP and MOVE with Him!

Are you experiencing any one of these things?

… If so, you may be in a TRANSITION to a #NewSeason!!!

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