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As a member of the 7M Glory Equip, you will be equipped to maximize your leadership gifting and five-fold ministry, enabling you to make a lasting impact in your sphere of influence. Our team will provide you with the resources, support, and guidance needed to become an effective leader and transform your world.

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This group mentoring package includes access to:
– Expert advice and guidance
– Interactive sessions with experienced mentors
– Resources and materials to help you reach your goals
– A supportive and encouraging environment to foster growth and development
-Twice a month Zoom video calls with world-renowned Dr. Ben Lim
-In-depth teachings on key topics
-Access to the 7M community, which includes over 5,000+ subscribers
-Special seating, and inclusion on our on-site and digital events
-BLM merchandise, resources, and events discounted, with special offers




Prosperity is a supernatural realm that is fully supported and authorized by the Bible. It is a realm of abundance and abundance of God’s blessings, a realm of divine favor and divine provision. Through the power of faith and prayer, we can tap into this realm and experience the abundant life God has promised us.

The enemy has used deceptive practices to sap the wealth and prosperity of people. In addition, he has tried to distort the concept of wealth and prosperity in the world and in the Christian church.

Prosperity is not something we should shun nor condemn, but it is our God given inheritance in Christ Jesus. We should not be ashamed of it, but instead be thankful for it, since it is a sign of God’s blessing on us. We can use our prosperity to help others, and to bless our community.


Join world-renowned authors, Dr. Ben Lim and Dr. Roberts Liardon, and discover the secrets to Supernatural Prosperity in this exclusive five part ECOURSE. Dr. Ben Lim and Dr. Roberts Liardon are the authors of the best-selling book series, “God’s Generals”. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from two of the world’s most influential teachers on this incredible topic. Sign up today and unlock the secrets to Supernatural Prosperity!


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